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*****Major Lead Gadget News*****

Lead Gadget Army! The time has come to announce the great news… To allow you to be the first to know exactly what is going on. How things are going to change. What are some of the benefits for those that have been with us for months! You are a group that will always be thought of, and given a lot more considerations in all things we do moving forward…

We are targeting February 18th as a soft launch date for Lead Gadget. We won’t have mega affiliates pushing new people to join, because we do not want to get hundreds to sign up on day one.


We want to make sure that the new system is solid, without issues. You all know that we had some problems when we launched in August. These were problems because a handful of people were using the system daily, but it was never put in the hands of many. You worked through those problems with us, and we always assured you that you would be taken care of. We are not forgetting, and that is why we mention it here again. We love you guys, and want to make sure you are always known as the honored founders of Lead Gadget! Plus, you know how we like to make sure people are happy and helped right away when they join our army!

There is going to be a ton of new offers. We are becoming a CPA/Lead Gen type company, which will have tons of offers for you to promote. We will pay you for those leads/sales. We are hiring staff to handle bringing on many new advertisers that will ensure you have the ability to earn more in multiple verticals.

But in many ways we will be much different than a typical CPA network. One of which is having tools like the ATM that help you to succeed. The ATM platform will continue to evolve, with new features added. You also have the knowledge of the Lead Gadget team leaders! (Don, Andres, & Brian) We have all been down in the trenches doing the same things you are doing right now for the last few years. We will have new ways to share our knowledge, and help everyone become more successful.

There is going to be many-many-many more training webinars and videos with the new set up. We will be giving you the creatives and other things that you will need to earn more from the sites you create using the platform. We will make sure that with all the other new offers, you stay busy building sites and getting paid every month! You will always be able to see where you stand with commissions, impressions, clicks, conversions, etc… all with the new platform.

 > We will have per sale items like Jewelry

> We will have lead gen offers like Home improvement

> We will have the EDU better integrated into the system

> We will have email/zip submit type offers

> We will have, debt collection, gift cards, refinance

> We will have insurance company leads

> We will have Mortgage leads

> We will have Limo Service leads

 The list goes on and on… and will continue to grow every month.

All grandfathered (original members) of Lead Gadget, will enjoy a higher payout tier as well. This is just our way of saying thanks for sticking with us.


We are going to have a jobs board. The job board will be a paid membership area that bricks and mortar businesses, along with online companies, will post their needs for things like building traffic funnel sites. You as founding members will never have to pay to be on this jobs board. At first it will be free for everyone. But after 2-3 months it will go to a subscription model. However, as founding members… your access will always remain free, for as long as you are a member of Lead Gadget.


We are only supporting our hosting from the moment we launch, and moving forward. There will be a PDF that explains what people will need to do if they do not use our hosting. However, we will not be supporting other hosting platforms. We just do not have the time to support other hosting platforms, which caused us to take time away from continuing to build and advance Lead Gadget in the past.

However, we do know that some of our grandfathered members do have other hosting platforms they use. As always, we will support you through thick and thin. You will get support from us as you always have, but we will not be supporting other hosting options for anyone beyond our grandfathered members. We hope that you will all move over to Brain Matter Hosting as well. What we offer there, is the lowest cost, highest performance hardware, and setup that is available for the price. You know we give you the best for the least… You might even get a free account since we love you so much…

Your Customers:

We are going to have a program for all marketers that have clients that need and want more leads. We will be able to help customers you already have, get leads from the Lead Gadget platform. They will be able to be added to the system, and you will get a percentage of the leads they purchase.

For example… You have a client that builds decks in a certain area. They are a small company that would like to grow. We can put their company in the system as an advertiser. They will in turn get more leads. This will make your customer as happy as a pig in mud! They will get an awesome amount of high quality leads from the Lead Gadget army, and you will get a percentage of every lead the client buys. The more clients you get on the Lead Gadget system, the more you will make. You will see in real time exactly how many leads they received and a live running total of the amount you have earned.

We are going to change the way things work online. Lead Gadget is a new fresh approach, with real marketers behind it. People that actually have done what you are doing, and still are doing it, and know what is needed for something like this to succeed. This is the platform that will change the lives for many people. You will be able to upgrade your life style and provide for your family like never before.

Welcome to the future of Lead Gadget, as we go through 2015 and beyond… together!


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